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Caltech Head and Lead TAs

Are you a Head or Lead TA, i.e., someone organizing the efforts of multiple TAs in a medium to large course on campus? Whether you are doing so informally or formally, we are here to help!

Join us for a special session at the Teching Conference on organizing large courses, where you will have the opportunity to meet other Head TAs, share ideas, and receive practical resources to assist you in this role.

And/or, consult with CTLO staff on any of the following, to help make your work go smoothly:

  • Best practices—being proactive, efficient, & effective
  • Organizing elements of the course
  • Leading groups of TAs
  • Managing TA meetings
  • Effective grading in large courses
  • Professional Development: How to manage up and down
  • Eliciting, interpreting, and utilizing mid-quarter survey feedback from students
  • Additional resources, including an annotated academic calendar with specifics for Head TAs

Contact us at to get started!