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Educational Technology & Science

The Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach supports faculty & TAs on designing, implementing, and evaluating educational technologies in classes and outreach programs.

Downloadable Infographic: Overview Caltech Instructional Technology Tools and Resources, updated September 2017.

Examples of ongoing initatives and projects include:

  • Online Teaching
    Resources for Caltech faculty and TAs who are designing and teaching Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and traditional courses using online tools.
  • Tablet-Enhanced Learning
    Using tablet devices to enhance learning in Caltech classes and outreach programs.

  • Recorded Talks
    Visiting speakers addressing emerging developments in educational technology and online teaching.

  • Workgroup on Educational Science and Technology (WEST)
    WEST meets regularly to discuss and design new educational technologies, plan and carry out technology-related educational studies, and eat lunch. The group includes faculty, postdocs, students, and staff. Currently on hiatus.