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Programs and Services for Faculty


  • Facilitation of faculty discussions on curriculum changes
  • Tools to clarify sequencing of content and skill development within options
  • Other support for options and divisions in meeting their curriculum goals

Faculty Projects:

In individual consultations, we work with faculty to identify their priorities and provide targeted resources, in a time-efficient way, for topics like:

  • Course (re)-design
  • Implementing innovative ideas in teaching
  • In-class teaching methods
  • Exam and homework methods
  • Obtaining useful and relevant mid-quarter feedback from students
  • “Public teaching” and lecturing to general audiences
  • Choosing and using instructional technologies
  • Teaching “Massive Open Online Courses” (pros/cons, how to—if interested)
  • Optimizing student learning of difficult material
  • Grant proposals with educational and/or outreach components
  • Summaries of research on teaching & learning subjects of interest to faculty

TA Training:

At the request of faculty, we design and facilitate discipline- or course-specific workshops for teaching assistants on topics such as:

  • Effective section teaching
  • Effective grading
  • Answering student questions
  • Teaching mathematically complex material
  • Practice teaching workshops
  • Obtaining and using mid-quarter feedback
  • Successful teaching for International TAs


  • We are available to help arrange and co-sponsor Division or Option-specific workshops, forums, guest speakers, or seminars on teaching and learning in your field


  • Please contact us with any and all additional questions and ideas!