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Teaching & Learning Images

On April 9, 2013, we hosted a workshop with Martin Springborg on Teaching and Learning through the Lens of Photography:

Multi-media resources are integrated into many facets of teaching and learning in higher education. Making photographs that capture the essence of our unique forms of teaching and educational outreach at Caltech can be an accessible and effective way to communicate what we do—to one another, as well as to funding agencies and the public.

In this workshop, photographer and educator Martin Springborg presented and discussed images from an ongoing, national photo-documentary project on teaching and learning in higher education. Through visual and hands-on exercises, participants learned ways in which they can use photographs to document and communicate about their own scientific, academic, and outreach work. 

Workshop Materials:

Continuing the Conversation:

Martin Springborg hosts an online forum in Flickr, for ongoing sharing and discussion of photographs about teaching and learning, across campuses and disciplines: If you would like to post photographs and access the discussion threads, please click "join this group" to request membership (requests are monitored daily).

Ongoing Projects and Presentations:

Martin Springborg has continued his collaboration with the Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach, leading to the development of a photograph-based teaching consultation method, a qualitative research project investigating the impact of photography-based consultationson teaching, e.g.: